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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is t w news line from berlin the u.s. government shutdown is over at least for the time being. short while i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until kind of worry fifty. i will make sure that all employees receive their back ok very quickly or as soon as possible will happen. but president trump still wants his border wall and is threatening another shutdown if he doesn't get what he calls
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a fair deal we'll get the latest from washington also coming up in this way less self declared president ramps up his profile want calls on supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to fresh elections we don't toast his supporters he won't surrender. and campaigners take to the streets as germany prepares to face south coal crunch thompson berlin are due to come up with a landmark decision about the nation's future energy and. i'm calm assman welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump says he has reached a temporary deal with congressional leaders to reopen the government ending the longest shutdown and u.s. history speaking from the rose garden trump said the deal would. initially see
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public sector employees return to work for twenty one days in the meantime he said a committee made up of a publican's and democrats from both the house and senate would review the cover the government's requests for the border with mexico. the shutdown is in its thirty fifth day and has seen hundreds of thousands of federal workers left without pay i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. as everyone knows i have a very powerful alternative but i didn't want to use it at this time hopefully it will be unnecessary i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and their amazing family shown such extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship you are fantastic people you are incredible patriots many of
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you have suffered far greater than anyone but your family would know or understand and not only did you not complain but in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border my big news there from the president and joining us now to break it down as correspondent she is in washington. are there any surprises here. well the biggest surprise honestly was just the fact that this happened in the first place the president you know built up his image of being one of these you know tough negotiators who never backs down and this week we saw him back down capitulate concede one of his biggest points really his signature policy was building this wall and he was shown he was willing to take such a drastic measure as shut down the government for the longest period in u.s.
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history so far in order to get his way and now he's come off of that horse or you say agreed to reopen the government really in the face of declining poll numbers relentlessly negative news cycle against him in the so many factors that have built up to this moment including his own staff telling him that he was losing ground in this fight so honestly it's just kind of extraordinary to see him even out there conceding the point and saying that he's willing to move forward even just a little bit that he said when this was thirty fifth day of the shutdown it seemed like it would go on forever why now why did this come to an end now. well there are a couple factors here one is that yesterday we saw both houses of congress put up bills proposed bills that would have ended the shutdown and all of those attempts got smacked down by the various opposition parties working against each other and
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once that happened once both parties had a chance to publicly smack down the other one's proposal then. both sides in the senate were able to come together sort of in the back rooms and start working out a deal we think that that's probably what happened here so now the both sides are able to say ok here's what we think we can do moving forward then they present it to the president but the other factor in here is the other big breaking news of the day which is that the longtime associate close associate of the president roger stone was arrested early this morning local time the president coming out and giving this big breaking news that has dominated the news cycle for the past month the fact that he's reopening the government it was definitely a savvy media way to push this story down all right well but this is of course a temporary measure three weeks of funding for the government so what happens after that we're fifty but we heard the president there alluding to perhaps
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using his power to declare a national emergency which is something that people have been expecting from the get go they thought that he would have just a few days of a shutdown and then declare a national emergency to get the funding for the border wall now we see him threatening to do that again it's likely that would happen feels like the president would rather just do that then face another government shutdown on the heels of this one that just ended three weeks of at least some temporary calm in washington my slater thank you very much. well as we just heard a longtime ally of president trump was provisionally released from custody after being arrested friday morning roger stone will face travel restrictions and a possible two hundred fifty thousand dollars fine if he fails to attend court proceedings he has been charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements stone was an advisor to donald trump during the twenty
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sixteen election campaign the charges stem from u.s. special counsel robert muller and his investigation into whether the trump campaign included with russia in the election. stone denies the charges here's what he said i was not guilty to these charges i will defeat them in court i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i have troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutor. and as i have said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever under which i will bear this witness against the president nor will i make was to ease the pressure on myself it was before today were fully intended to indicate that raja bennis way loz self declared interim president one kwaito as said he won't give up his fight for fresh elections he's announced large scale protests for next week addressing
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a rally in caracas wedo urged his supporters to carry on protesting even if he is arrested he also called on the army to switch their allegiance and support him. the man who declared himself president came out of hiding on friday in the venezuelan capital caracas opposition leader one guy doe rejected an offer of talks with incumbent president nicolas maduro and urged supporters to protest until transparent elections are handled i think so are you accompanying those this saturday and sunday brothers. to prepare for next week's large demonstration of course we're going back to the street. that i'm going to market. but madeira refuses to budge he's backed by the military who refused quite his pleas to change sides and he put trey's guy does rise as a conspiracy against his government. telling then telling they put together a coup attempt together with an international cuckoo. boy to move yet you can tell
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us there is a media crew against venezuela. to distort the real situation. you know nothing to put pressure on a country. and impose washington's model of intervention. that washington. maduro severed relations with the u.s. off to washington rushed to support his opponent while some u.s. stocks have left the embassy for the airport the trumpet ministration says it will keep the embassy open and self-proclaimed interim leader one guy doe is promising the people of venezuela a humanitarian aid supplied by the united states. now look at some of the other stories that we're tracking for you right now greek lawmakers have approved a landmark name change deal with macedonia under the deal greece's northern neighbor will rename itself in north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato ever hotez outside the parliament the numbers were
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smaller than the recent days the accord faced fierce opposition almost brought down the greek government. rescue workers in brazil are working to free people trapped in the mud the following the collapse of the dam at least two hundred people have been reported missing in the wake of the collapse of the dam broke in the south eastern brazil near the city of abel called the sunday it's caused huge torrents of mud to cover here by areas. a referendum in the southern philippines has passed overwhelmingly to form a new muslim autonomous region it's hoped the move will bring peace to the area and much needed investment as well creating the bongs of moral autonomy this region was part of a deal reached between the government and the largest muslim brotherhood which is spent decades biting or independence. now here in berlin a government commission has been meeting to find ways to phase out coal from germany's energy mix the government has already committed itself to
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a phase out program but it's failing because it's failing and it's behind schedule because it's a controversial issue some regions have relied on coal mining for decades to provide jobs prosperity campaigners for clean energy turned up outside today's talks to pile on the pressure. school can wait for new cars like now today he and his classmates have driven three hours from lubec to join a student demonstration in berlin they're here to protest about climate change. what do we want. the general problem is that there is not a lack of knowledge but of action that's why it's good to go in the streets now and express our views but we'll see what will come out of it processing and over the christmas me i'm sorry on these young students are demanding action from those sitting in the building across the street the german coal commission a group of experts that advises the german government on how to end coal production
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economics minister peter altmire wants that this is about more than just climate change. then. if we act smart there will be no losers there will only be winners and we will be supporting those regions affected by structural change and the government must stay committed to its climate policy goals and shit. it's not clear if the politicians are listening to the school students but the young demonstrators have caught the attention of chinese artist and activist i way way. they're taking responsibility they walk on street they clearly states their mind and they have to say stop it you know we we have enough regardless of the outcome today lucas and his fellow demonstrators are set on their gold. in tennis novak djokovic has powered into the final of the australian open after overcoming luke a poor boy in straight sets in melbourne the serbian will now take on an old rival
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often a doll in sunday's final as he looks for a seventh australian crowd joke which is first set was nearly flawless the world number one slam asked his french opponent six love he continued his dominance and barely broke a sweat during the rest of the match in the final two sets six two six two joke of its leads in adults twenty seven to twenty five in matches played and another classical counter is expected. the most famous men's downhill skiing race of the season has offered the usual thrills and spills the kids will race in austria is a skiing institution and italy's dominic paris is now part of kids' full folklore after stealing his third victory in the race. long live the king of kids. dominique paris one for the certainly his career at the most legendary alpine downhill in the world first in twenty thirty nine down again in twenty seventeen.
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conditions were tough with a light snow falling at the italian had a flawless run down the three kilometer circuit. paris appeared confident that his time would be the fastest i was second spot was won by day out fights to swiss skier. just two tenths of a second behind tires. it's just third time in four years to floyd says finished runner up on the feast known as the stif which is considered one of the most dangerous and difficult in the world. austria's. took search place. now at the asian football cup there were a couple of shock wins in the quarterfinals on friday the hosts the united arab emirates stunned defending champions australia. coots scored the only goal of that
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game for the u. a e and their gulf neighbors qatar also hold off an upset sending south korea packing abdel-aziz how team fired a late winner in their one nil victory you're watching t.v. news from berlin we have more coming at the top of the hour don't forget all the latest news and information is available on our website that's d.w. dot com thanks for watching. earth. home to movements of species. go home or see if you can. get through to those are big changes and most start with small steps and became global in two years tell stories of creative people into innovative projects or.


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